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Arab Prince pays $500,000 for a 'Meet & Greet with Twilight star Kristen Stewart

"Spend it like Arab"... Twilight star, Kristen Stewart agreed to meet an unnamed Arab Prince for the whooping sum of $500,000 for just 15 mins in Newyork, that's $33,333 per min

The meeting was arranged by movie mogul Harvey Weinsten who was actually approached by the middle eastern prince about a chance of a 'meet and greet' with his favourite star and then Harvey was like..
Kristen Stewart: her time is valuable.
Kristen Stewart: her time is valuable.

According to reports, the $500,000 was for charity, negotiated as part of the deal for Hurricane Sandy relief. The meeting between Stewart and the Prince took place in Madison Square Garden in Newyork i December. As a matter of fact, the Prince actually paid in cash...

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