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Meet the Rap Sensation - E.D.A

E.D.A is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
E.D.A was born and bred on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. Raised and Schooled in warri.
He started free-styling at age 14 in high school.  
E.D.A has the ability to flow in English and Yoruba and also drop breath-taking lyrics in pidgin english.

E.D.A recorded his first track "Sisi Eko" back in 2007.

E.D.A has collaborated with the likes of OlaDELe, Iceberg slim, Zara, Rico White e.t.c. Okpekemaster(Return of The Sphinx) the 7 track E.P will be out soon.

Listen or Download some of his tracks here

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