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Meet the World's 1st Trillionaire!

A Texas became the world’s very first trillionaire this week. Well, by mistake! This happened when a bank employee presumably slept on the “0″ key.

Reggie Theus was checking his account online when he noticed that his balance had a few more zeroes than he’s used to. According to his bank, Theus had over four trillion dollars in his account. After making sure it wasn’t just a momentary glitch, he was stunned.
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“Well, I was definitely surprised when I looked in my account and saw that much money in there” he told KLTV. “I looked it up and there’s never been a trillionaire before. I may be the first ever, so that’s pretty neat to be able to say.”

And he was a real trillionaire… for a few hours before the bank realized its mistake.

But Theus, an area director for Newk’s in East Texas, wasn’t one to brag about his sudden fortune. He went to work like he would on any other day. After customers started hearing about his newfound wealth, some attributed it to an error while others asked why he bothered to show up for work.

“I obviously wish it would have been real but it was great to see. I logged out and logged back in eight times just to see if it was still there, and every time it was still there,” he said.

He even made a few plans for what he’d do with the money. Number one? Help the nation with its debt problems. He said that he could throw three trillion their way and still have enough to live on. You think?

But the dream ended when the bank realized its mistake and corrected his balance. Theus is a normal guy again :( but for a few hours, he was the world’s first trillionaire.

Who wouldn't want a trillion bucks?
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  1. Hahahahahahahaah.... This is so hillarious! Trillionaire indeed....

  2. If dat man na naija, e for don act fast o :p


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