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REVEALED!!! Yar’ adua was poisoned by Kitchen staff for Rerversal of Obasanjo's Policies.

Although this report is still been investigated by various intelligence agencies in Nigeria presently but there are indications that this report from Wikileaks is true.

You would all recall that erstwhile President of Nigeria, Late Musa Yar’adua was incessantly ill and there were reports that his illness could be lung cancer or some other lung related disease.

Well, it was more than that! Wikileaks has made a release of what really went wrong with the late president.

Ibrahim Babangida’s long-term confidant, Professor Ukandi G. Damachi; the late Yar’Adua was poisoned by ex-kitchen staff of President Obasanjo.

Wikileaks had revealed that Professor Ukandi G. Damachi who is a friend to the US consul, told them about the alleged poisoning of the erstwhile president.

The Wikileaks cable, reference ID 08LAGOS153,

Check out the original excerpt as posted on wikileaks below:

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