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Ogun State Chief Beats Wife to a Pulp

A titled chief beats up his wife?? This is pure domestic violence!!! You beat your wife and inflicted this much injury on her, that made her look like a victim of a ghastly motor accident?? Who does that??

More pics below..(Viewers discretion is advised)

These are some of the photographs of the wife of an Ogun State APC chieftain, Bashorun Bayo Awosanya, who was allegedly beaten up after an argument at their residence in Sagamu, Ogun state.

The incident was said to have happened on Easter Sunday at about 8.30pm, and it could have turned uglier if not for the intervention of the "gateman" who rushed into the house because of the chilling cry of  help the woman.  She was rushed to a hospital in Sagamu, where she's currently receiving treatment.

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