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Mario Balotelli Demands A Kiss From Queen Elizabeth if....

The world cup has become dramatic with big football nations kissing the dust with embarrassing defeats from other countries.

England is one of such countries that need a miracle to stay in the World Cup and bad boy Mario Balotelli is coming to England's rescue.

This rescue is not coming cheap at all, he is demanding that he gets a very special reward if Italy helps England stay, which is a kiss from Queen Elizabeth.

Mario is so serious with this proposal that he had sent it out to his 2.3 million Twitter followers and it has been retweeted 85,000 times.

He tweeted: "If we beat Costa Rica i want a kiss, obviously on the cheek, from the UK Queen".

Mario had scored against England as Italy won the first game of Group D 2-1, and said he wanted to receive the royal reward if his side win their game tomorrow.

Derek Wilson said: "If you do we will knight you to a Sir as well"

Duncan Moris replied: "Got to beat Costa Rica AND Italy for that, Mario. And by a clear 2 goals each."

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