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Comedian Wale Gates "Defends" Student that Murdered His Father

Just in case you have not been following this story, let me put you up to speed with previous posts..

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This is a good food for thought (FFT), when is enough, enough? What is the line between abuse and discipline? You have to read through this, to know that we parents need to be careful, not to allow our children resent us for life because of “discipline”, at times some parents go over board. The question is ‘WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH”? I know some parents lose it, when their wards do something they believe they shouldn’t do, and in a moment of anger and frustration, do some stupid things. How do we balance this?

Wale Gates is a Nigerian comedian that lives in UK (I want to believe, he is still there), that no one would have thought carried such a burden on him for years, he said, he didn’t speak with his father for 12 years.

A few days ago, the news that a 21-year old University undergraduate, Tolani Ajayi, killed his father, chopped the body to pieces, before dumping the remains in a bush near their home in Redeemed Camp went viral. A lot of people have been cursing and cussing out the young man, because what he did was evil. However, there is a lone voice that says, the young could have done what he did out of frustration of a long time abuse and not drug related, as being speculated everywhere. The voice is that of comedian, Wale Gates, who put his views on Twitter and also sharing his own experience, and saying the case of an abused child should not be seen differently from that of an abused wife (you know some abused wives will just snap one day and kill the husband).

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