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Jonathan, Obasanjo make list of outstanding African leaders

President, Jonathan, Obasanjo

The Save Democracy Group Africa (SDGA) has has recognised former Presidents, Jonathan and Obansanjo as eminent personalities of the organization. The group comprises of past presidents who ensured that there was respect for the constitution governing the stipulated tenure of office during their time as president.

Although it is said that Africa is the home to presidents and political rulers who hold on to an office for many years. Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe as been in power for over 30 years

However, the essence of this is to help discourage political leaders who love to remain in office longer than they should. The DG of the group Ifedi Okwenna said -

“When elected leaders seek to short-change their own people and the very constitution which they swore to protect at the commencement of their tenures, they act against good conscience and the sovereignty of their people.

“This erodes their moral authority to continue in office and results in revolts and resentments, which reduce their effectiveness in office and retards their contributions to development of their respective countries.”

He said the event would witness the coming together of top leaders across Africa and would be declared open by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Obasanjo, who ruled between 1999 and 2007, is still being accused of an attempt to foist himself on the country for a third term in office.

This attempt failed just as it divided the National Assembly at the period with some of the lawmakers claiming they were bribed while others denied receiving any bribe to alter the constitution in favour of the former president.

But Obasanjo has constantly denied this claim saying it is an attempt to give him a bad name.

Obasanjo recently reviewed the state of the nation declaring that the country was now more fractured than it was after the civil war.

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