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Pete Edochie expresses concern over impersonation on social media

nollywood, Nigeria

Veteran in the Nigerian movie industry. Pete Edochie has expressed his concern over much impersonation going on social media. According to him, none of these memes with regards to marriage, state of the economy, etc are from him

In an interview with Punch Newspaper om August 13th he said.....

“Right now, I’m watching football in my house, but as I speak to you, some people are posting on Facebook or Twitter, using my name and picture.”

“It’s either they are talking about politics, state of the nation, ascribing series of proverbs to me or using my name to counsel people about marriage.”

“Someone asked me how I had time to put plenty proverbs on Facebook. I told the person I wasn’t responsible for them and that I didn’t even have a Facebook account, and she couldn’t believe it.”

“Some people said I sat with Mourhino in one of the profile pictures and that I was telling him the gods were angry with him. Then, they posted another one that Buhari came to consult with me in my shrine.”

“From time to time, you would hear or read that Pete Edochie died in London or on location. In our culture, if people wish you dead, you’d attend the person’s funeral.”

“I’m satisfied with what life has given me. I don’t envy anybody and I don’t want to be anybody. I just want to be left alone as Pete Edochie.”

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