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Usain Bolt 9.81 seconds wins him third consecutive gold medal at Rio Olympics 2016

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt made history on Sunday by becoming the only man or woman to win three Olympic gold medals in the men's 100 meter race back to back.

Bolt ran a blistering 9.81s, against his own world record of 9.58s. in second place was American and 2004 Olympic champion Justin Gatlin (9.89s) and third place 21 year old Canadian sprinter Andre de Grasse (9.91s)

Interestingly, Bolt started off late and had to play catch up behind Gatlin who had a blistering start. Bolt suddenly found his rhythm and came in with an easy victory

Bolt said. "It was brilliant, Bolt said. "I didn't go so fast but I'm so happy I won. I told you guys I was going to do it."

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