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Mesentery: A Tale Of Many Sides

'Mesentery' sounds strange and geeky right? More like a word you left behind in biology of your high school, except you went ahead to be a medical personnel. This geeky word has been buzzing the internet lately and has pulled our attention as even major news outlets have reported that it's a new organ in the human body making them 79 in total!
Say what!

Many have wondered where the so called new organ had been buried that it took this long to discover it. Some people even speculated that since it's a new organ they would like to give it a personal name and not go by what scientists have named it๐Ÿ˜Œ. What would you name a new organ in your body if given the privilege?

However, some scientists have come out to oppose the notion that mesentery is a new organ. They have made it known that mesentery is a continuous set of tissues responsible for connecting the intestines to the abdomen and not in any way a new discovery. The only bone of contention is whether mesentery should be treated as an organ on it's own or not.
How many of you actually know even 20 organs in your body *side eye*, don't ask me๐Ÿ™… but I think google should know.

And here is what mesentery looks like:

New organ, tissues

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