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Photogist: AFCON 2017 Results For Egypt Vs Ghana & Uganda vs Mali

It was a rather tough match between Egypt and Ghana also between Uganda and Mali. Egypt was on top of the game as they defeated Ghana with a goal during the first half which was scored by M.Sallah and that was the only goal scored during the game.

Uganda and Mali on the other hand did not score any goal as at the end of first half  but both teams ended the game with a goal by Miya for Uganda, Bissouma then scored a goal for Mali in retaliation, giving both teams 1-1 at the end of the match.

M. SALAH scores a goal for Egypt.
           Egypt - Ghana 1-0

First half Stats For Egypt vs Ghana

HALF-TIME | Egypt - Ghana 1-0

Full-time Stats For Egypt vs Ghana

FULL TIME | Egypt - Ghana 1-0

Uganda Vs Mali:

First Half Stats For Uganda Vs Mali

HALF-TIME | Uganda - Mali 0-0

MIYA scores a goal for Uganda. 
Uganda - Mali 1-0

BISSOUMA scores a goal for Mali. 
Uganda - Mali 1-1

Full-time Stats For Uganda vs Mali

FULL TIME | Uganda - Mali 1-1

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