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Photogist: Ever Heard Of These Colours?

Lagos owambes are events that will make you wonder at the kind of colours they put on invitation cards for aso ebi such colours are colours associated with food like pepper red, tomato red, some even said there's cockroach brown, lol. You can't but wonder who comes up with all these colour names. Most people are good with just knowing the basic primary colours but there are way more colours than that. Let's take a look at some colours that sound kind of strange.
  • Mikado Yellow: Many would see this colour and call it yellow, this isn't just yellow, it's mikado yellow.

  • Coquelicot: Please don't bite your tongue trying to pronounce this colour😊 it's not orange in case that was what you were thinking, it's coquelicot.

  • Smaragdine: Yep! that's what this colour is called, now you know😉

  • Falu: You read that right! this colour isn't wine, it's called falu, interesting yea?

  • Sarcoline: This colour is associated with the flesh, you are advised to wear shoes in this colour rather than a jacket in this colour. 

  • Wenge: This almost sounds like wedge lol, looks like grey but it's called wenge.

  • Glaucous: This almost sounds like glucose and you will probably call it blue on first sight, but this colour is called glaucous.

  • Xanadu: Yeah, that's right, it's called xanadu.

So the next time you come across these names on an invitation card for an aso ebi or colour of gele, the above is what they look like. Ciao!

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