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Photogist: Here's How You Can Look Simple Yet Stylish As A Man

  •  Loosen up

        If you aren't using a tie, unfasten the second to top buttons, also unfasten the buttons on your           suit or blazer.
shoes, colour, belt
Photo Credit: Getty Image

  •  Shine those shoes

           Sounds simple, but this makes a whole lot of difference and helps you look stylish.
Photo Credit: Getty Image

  •  Have belt switch days

           Don't just stick to one belt, switch between belts.

Photo Credit: Getty Image

Photo Credit: Getty Image

  •  Jazz it up with colour

          It's easy for some men to stay with whites or just neutrals, why not mix it up a bit with a touch             of colour.

5. Socks
Your socks don't have to match the colour of your shoes

6. Match it up!
The colour of your belt should match your shoe.

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