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Photogist: AFCON 2017 Burkina Faso Vs Ghana

It was a wonderful play between Burkina Faso and Ghana as Burkina Faso defeated Ghana and have ended up with a bronze medal. Both teams ended up with no goal at the end of the first half but Burkina Faso scored a goal during the second half, just at the 89th minute, scored by ALAIN TRAORÉ who scored the only goal for the team, giving the team 1-0 against Ghana. See the results below:

AFCON 2017
Line up for the match

AFCON 2017
First Half Stats
AFCON 2017
HALF-TIME | Burkina Faso - Ghana 0-0

ALAIN TRAORÉ scores a goal for Burkina Faso.
Burkina Faso - Ghana 1-0

Stats for the second half

FULL TIME | Burkina Faso - Ghana 1-0

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