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Photogist: The Brave Story Of A Burn Survivor

So I stumbled on this pretty lady's story today and thought it's quite inspiring. This story shows the bravery of a young lady who survived serious burns and has been able to embrace and live with the scars.

She wrote:
Open letter: when I got burned all my doctors would say is "a year from now you'll get to do this or that again" so now that I'm half way there I feel its only fair to share the experience so far: for the most part it sucks! At first I felt like I was only supposed to be optimistic through and through but its not true you do get uncomfortable not only physically but mentally as well and that's fine. A part of me is hopeful that I will still live a full life with my scars the other half can't let go of what once was (looking at pictures before the incident doesn't help). Being in the position where I inspire so many it is only fair that I don't sugarcoat the journey. I do have my moments where I'm not feeling myself and want to hide from the world and I don't think its anything wrong with that. On the opposite side when I'm in that moment when I am completely confident in the beauty of my scars its like a high I don't want to get off of. If I can give honest blunt advice to anyone who wants it... You are entitled to feel how you want... don't allow anyone to determine how you view yourself. If you accept you, everyone else will have no choice but to embrace you as well. Yea I'm burned but shit I know I'm still popping *hair flip* #burnsurvivor #nigerianwomendiary

Source: Nigerian Women Diary

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