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Photogist: Stylist, Toyin Lawani Empowers Deaf Mute Lady To Be A Stylist

Toyin Lawani is a well known stylist who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry, she is the face of  the 15th edition of La Mode magazine alongside Gladys a deaf mute lady whom Toyin trained to be a stylist. 
 In an interview with the magazine, she spoke about her empowerment drive and how she loves to give, read the excerpt below:
I just Love giving, because I believe when you give you will receive. Everything in Life is a risk but when I help I feel fulfilled. For example one of the student I trained, her name is Gladys, she is deaf and dumb but she has a skill of sewing so I trained her till she became the best in what she does and also her sister Mercylyn she is deaf and dumb too so I trained her in the field she is good at which is Making of different type of wigs and braids all my colorful braids and wigs you see are done by her.
She is good at it, with the platform I helped them. Also the boy I picked up from the street, his name is Lekan who use to be a street boy doing minor works on the street of VI to carter for his grandma,a lot of people were talking why I picked him up or try to help him and I don’t know ,I know what I saw, so I gave him a helping hand. I adopted him and took care of him trained him as a stylist so he would have a means of livelihood and am proud of him.”

Photo Credit: Shadezofphotography of @tiannahsphoto Studio
Outfits by: @elegantebytiannahstyling
Graphics: @benzikmedia
La MODE Magazine: @lamodemag
Publisher: @sandraodige

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